Case Studies 

Job Title: Time Capsule

Customer: School

Materials: Stainless Steel

Skills Used: Metal Spinning, Metal Fabrication, Metal WeldingMetal Polishing


Artec Engineering were approached by a school to create a Time Capsule that students were to bury for 100 years, the materials used and Metal Welding applied were therefore crucial to ensuring the contents of the time capsule remained intact. 

Using a very basic hand-drawn sketch from the customer, Artec developed the design hand in hand with them and commenced work. 

Work started by Metal Spinning the two ends, then the Metal cylinder was fabricated.  The flanges were then laser cut and welded to the assembly.  The project was then completed with an industrial brush finish, specified by the customer so the capsule looked ‘industrial’, 

The job took 1 week from start to finish and was delivered to the customer without issue. 

Spun Metal Time Capsule

Job Title: Crown of Stupa

Customer: Buddhist Community Centre UK

Materials: Brass

Skills Used: Metal Spinning / Sheet Metal Work / Metal Welding Metal Polishing

The Crown of Stupa is the top section of one of eight shrines that are relevant the Buddhist faith. This section is made as The Moon, The Sun, The Crown and the cone emulating 23 stages of enlightenment.    

Artec Engineering worked with drawings & images of existing temples in Tibet. This is the first of its kind in the UK.

The cone was formed over an MDF former which has remained in situ. The crown was developed as a cone then spun to the correct form on another MDF former. The moon was hand formed and the sun was metal spun then covered with a back plate to give the impression of a soild item.

Crown Of Stupa

Job Title: Chladi Bowls

Customer: UK Catering Company

Materials: Brass

Skills Used: Metal Spinning / Metal Fabrication / Metal Welding / Brush Polished

Artec Engineering sucessfully delivered a vibrating/oscillating three tier drinks dispencer.